Are you frustrated by your inability to confidently and persuasively
present your messages to clients and prospects?
If the answer is “yes” or “sometimes”, you are in jeopardy of losing business to competitors with stronger presentation skills.
Perhaps you already have.

Let’s face it, the ability to sell your ideas, products and services to one person or one thousand is many times more valuable than technical knowledge and experience. If you want to strengthen your ability to persuade clients and prospects, now is the time to act.

Our exceptional learning experience will give you the confidence and skills to influence the decision, close the deal, get the job or win the vote. Our dynamic program significantly increases your communication skills and knowledge and places you on the path to differentiating yourself from the competition and winning more business.

In The 2-Day Power of the Pitch Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your self confidence
  • Create a winning image
  • Speak positively
  • Develop rapport with any audience
  • Powerfully persuade
  • Structure a winning presentation
  • Develop a dynamic voice
  • Quickly prepare presentations
  • Ask for the order
  • Overcome any objection

Video Recorded Presentations: During the workshop you will have the opportunity to deliver numerous presentations that will be video recorded and reviewed with you by the Pygmalion, Inc. coaches during private coaching sessions.

Prior to the Workshop, you will learn powerful lessons via the iLearner – our on-line learning program.

  • 1. The Secrets of Winning People Over
  • 2. The Laws of Nonverbal Attraction
  • 3. The Power of Packaging
  • 4. Put Power in Your Voice
  • 5. The Foolproof Way to Avoid Embarrassment
  • 6. The Pygmalion Method of Structuring a Pitch
  • 7. The Secrets of Building Rapport
  • 8. Pictures Are Worth a Million Dollars
  • 9. The View is Worth the Climb
Program Materials:
You will receive a copy of Gary Hankins’s book: The Power of the Pitch: Transform Yourself into a Persuasive Presenter and workbook. 
  Private Coaching Session:Following the workshop, we will schedule a 30-minute coaching session to assist you in implementing The Power of the Pitch Program concepts.
Investment: $2,197.00
Our Guarantee: We stand proudly behind our program and KNOW it has the potential to transform the way you present to prospects and clients. However, if after you have completed the Program, you don’t feel it has benefited you, we’ll refund your investment.
Next Workshop Dates: May 17 – 18 (Wednesday – Thursday), 2017