McCain Picks a Communicator to Tell the Story

In selecting his Vice Presidential running mate, John McCain found in Sarah Palin a running mate with impressive communication skills. Think about it, McCain made his decision as a result of just two meetings with Palin, a 45 minute introduction and a two hour visit at his ranch, during which he offered her the nomination. Talk about The Power of the Pitch! Sarah Palin, a self described hockey mom and an unknown, inexperienced governor who only six years ago was the mayor of a town of 7,000, now roposed for the second most important leadership position in the United States.

After viewing her acceptance speech on Friday, August 29, it was clear to me that McCain picked Palin not only to win over women – especially Hillary Clinton supporters – but because he feels she can persuasively tell the story of why Americans should vote for him. I suspect his thinking was that if Sarah Palin can have such a positive impact on me in less than three hours, she will be exceptional on the campaign trail.

As a communicator, Palin possesses many positive characteristics: a broad, easy smile, passion, excellent vocal skills, natural use of gestures and good eye contact. One area of concern is her tones at the upper end of her range. I noticed a few instances in her acceptance speech where her tones were unpleasantly high. Hopefully, her speech coach will pick up on this issue and help her correct it.

It’s going to be fun to watch Sarah Palin over the next several months. With her strong communication skills, she should be a strong positive for the Republican Party.

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