The 10 Characteristics of a Great Communicator: No. 2 – Enthusiasm

Walter Chrysler had it right when he said, “The real secret of success is enthusiasm.” The successful person is passionate about family, work, friends and life. Moreover, the enthusiastic person attracts people. We like to be around positive, upbeat people.

Steve Ballmer opening Microsoft employee meetingSteve Ballmer, the president of Microsoft, is wildly enthusiastic about his company. He kicked off a recent annual employee meeting by running on to the stage to an upbeat song and yelling, “Get up! Get up!” People stood as he danced around the stage. Panting and out of breath, he approached the microphone and said, “I have four words for you. I . . . love . . . this . . . company!” He opens every employee annual meeting this way. His on stage antics may be over the top, but no one at Microsoft doubts his passion. Steve Ballmer

And he’s not alone, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said of his role at the company, “What I do best is share my enthusiasm.”

The enthusiasm that is so much a part of these two leaders is a direct result how they think about what they do. Listening to them in press conferences and analyst meetings, you quickly get that they believe Microsoft is the best company on the planet.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Think enthusiastically about everything, but especially about your job.  If you do so, you’ll put a touch of glory in your life.  If you love your job with enthusiasm, you‘ll shake it to pieces.”

When you love what you do, it’s impossible not to be enthusiastic. If you’re not already, fall in love with your work. Or do something else. The crucial step in developing enthusiasm is to find your passion.

If you’re retired, seek out activities that you are passionate about. Maybe it’s a hobby, charity or serving on a board. Perhaps it’s spending time with your grandchildren. Remember the words of Henry David Thoreau, “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.”

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